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The town's name is attributed to a cross that had been erected at a crossroads and was soon resting place on travel and people began to spend the night there; neighbors brought their products to sell and came lodges, houses, shops, who gave life to the town of Santa Cruz de Unco, whose growth has made today come to be gravitating importance in the area such as shopping center.
There he had based the Doctrine of Colchagua until in 1710 the Bishop Luis Francisco Romero erected as a parish of the Holy Cross dismembering of San José de Toro (Chimbarongo).It seems that in his early years was based in Yaquil and Nilahue, for short periods.

The pastor Manuel Herrera (1761-1777) built a makeshift temple and a century later, in 1879, was erected under the patronage of Our Lady of Sorrows today.After the earthquake of 1928, which destroyed the church, Father Labarca, Talca, rebuilt the temple with the help of his architect brother.It was longer, but as the porch fell, devised with his brother put pillars to tie the whole Church and left the frontispiece.The 1985 earthquake did not damage the temple but broke the facade so it was remodeled.The temple has over 200 years.