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History, art and culture, part of our roots. These have been manager engine and major changes throughout civilization and why not mention it, of Chilean culture.

Santa Cruz is no stranger to this tenor, is why the area offers a wide range of cultural attractions to know more about what we were, we are and where we are going.

Colchagua Museum

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Our museum was inaugurated in 1995 and belongs to the Cardoen, civil organization non-profit Foundation, founded by Don Carlos Cardoen Cornejo, in order to investigate, preserve and disseminate our cultural heritage.

A variety of objects on display themed surprises visitors for its historical significance, placing them in the context of changes and evolutionary processes that occurred over time. Definitely a "journey to our origins"

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Carmen San Jose Museum of Huique

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The main house of the former hacienda San José del Carmen de El Huique, is a true reflection of rural civil architecture of the period of the republic, was built in 1829 by Don Juan José Echenique and Bascuñán.

The main house was built in stages, growing and adapting to the needs of the family over time, while retaining its original plant. Its construction style corresponds to what we call our country home Chilean courts and corridors. Style Roman influence brought to Chile by the Spaniards.

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Automobile Museum

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With a collection of over 100 cars, this museum houses unique pieces and even replicas of some of the most famous cars, such as the acclaimed DeLorean from the movie "Back to the Future"

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Chilean Crafts Museum

Learn about the impressive collections of handicrafts made by Chileans of all ethnic groups throughout our country.

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