About us

We are Anne and Eduardo

About us
A Chilean-Danish couple that after living many years in Denmark decided to emigrate to Chile.

In 2005 we traveled for three months throughout Chile to find the most beautiful place in this beautiful country and already in the last week of our trip we arrived in Santa Cruz. It was love at first sight.

The following year we returned to find a piece of land to build the hotel of our dreams and wanted the fate and luck that we found the winery Laura Hartwig who sold us the vineyard where Hotel TerraViña is now located.

Together with the owners of Laura Hartwig we set out to develop a joint work plan. Later, a Chilean-American couple joined the plan and today they own the Vino Bello restaurant, located steps from our hotel and the winery.

Count on us

Because we want your visit to be unforgettable, in Terraviña we help you organize your stay: visits to the vineyards, horseback riding, restaurant reservations, picnics, transportation and much more …